The one with finally useful sewing

05 September 2018

So, living in the country has a lot of bright sides, but shopping options are not one of them. For every little thing we have to go to Munich for which none of us have energy nor time. 
So after watching Gasik boiling in his long jeans through half of the summer I took pity on him. For pattern I just alter his old sleeping boxers and voila. 

On black shorts rain is falling down on one side and going up on the other, which I haven't realized at all until shorts were ready, but who cares. Project was fast, looks nice and it's definitely the most useful thing I've sewn so far.
fabrics were new from I got as a Christmas present long ago


  1. Fajowe! <3 Raz z deszczem, raz pod deszcz... czy jak to było ;)

  2. Not to be mean but why not do such an amazing project at the beginning of the summer....gasik melting away throughout the summer...