advent calendar 24/24

advent calendar 23/24

23 December 2015

  I just can't choose between compulsive pizza making and crooked smile of my brother

advent calendar 22/24

advent calendar 21/24

The one with my Dad

20 December 2015

advent calendar 20/24

 my Mom selling Christmas

advent calendar 18/24

18 December 2015

definitely not packing

advent calendar 17/24

advent calendar 16/24

16 December 2015

 yes, I would like my cousin's daughters only favorite thing weren't my little pony (shame on you Hasbro!) and if so I would like pony with the rainbow hair was not one of them .... But well, gifts are supposed to suit the receiver not you, right?

advent calendar 15/24

advent calendar 14/24

advent calendar 13/24

advent calendar 12/24

advent calendar 11/24

advent calendar 10/24

10 December 2015

advent calendar 9/24

advent calendar 8/24

08 December 2015

one more Peppa !

advent calendar 7/24

07 December 2015

bye bye Fra, bye bye Max

advent calendar 6/24

06 December 2015

big day

The one with the raffle apron

05 December 2015

The one with the backpacks vol.4

here come backpack for kids

advent calendar 5/24

pure love

advent calendar 4/24

04 December 2015

they're moving

advent calendar 3/24

03 December 2015

tick tock tick tock tick tock

advent calendar 2/24

02 December 2015

pals in health and in sickness

advent calendar 1/24

01 December 2015

Tollwood christmas tree

The one with st. Andrews sky

30 November 2015

The one with the 3 minutes advent candle

29 November 2015

The one with the baggy pants

28 November 2015

 Available in three sizes: 62/68, 74/80 and 86/92 (at least I think those are their sizes....:)
Extremely comfortable and stretchy, F uses his also as winter pijama pants. Very good for crawling. 

The one with the backpacks vol.3

 Coming in 2016-personalized embroidery backpacks.

The one with the backpacks vol.2

Here come parent-child sets.
First is inspired by F.maniacally in love with all diggers:

The one with the backpacks vol.1

Here come backpacks for adults.

The one with the few november scenes

27 November 2015

The one with no logo

21 November 2015

The one with the real autumn

20 November 2015

The one with the reason I ditched my camera lately

The only thing I finished so far: parent-child aprons- vegetables series (well... only series so far).
100% cotton, small fit kids of age 1-3, big fit even big daddies. Checked.
Made from two layers, green or red on the other side. Reversible.
Vegetables because they're good for you.

The one with the owls

05 November 2015

The one with yellow and orange

01 November 2015


The one with strawberries in autumn

23 October 2015

The one with the bouncy, bouncy earrings

15 October 2015

earrings from Elegant Designs by V soon on Amazon

The one with our first two

The one with the longest renovation ever

23 September 2015

The one with the real achievement

from my husband's phone

The one with brand new member of family

22 September 2015

The one with pure innocence 2: adding new colors